How do you sell records in the download age? With dildos of course...

Rammstein are a silly, silly metal outfit who deal in schlock shock and sleaze. Oh, and occasional Nazi imagery.

So in the face of people generally not being all that interested in buying tangible music related products, they've decided that a good way to get noticed is to release their new album, Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, with a range of executive massage devices... or, dildos to you and me.

For your buck, you'll get five extra tracks (which will invariably be available on torrents) and a metal flight case filled with six vibrators. One can only hope that they aren't designed on the six members’ members of the band. Oh, and for good measure, you'll get some handcuffs and lubricant.

The download version will no doubt come with a soundwave shaped like a fanny or something.

Anyway, as a marketing tool, you can't knock it because, lets face it, we wouldn't normally cover the release of a daft German metal release on these pages.



  • iCock
    Hahaha..... it's about dildos, and you said "metal release". Mmmmm..... molten! I'm gonna make my boyfriend buy me this. I hate Rammstein, but I love him in my arse while I've got a dildo in my pussy.
  • Tiny S.
    Something's wrong. No mention of Apple or the iPrick
  • Carl
    I'm going to see them in February, and can't wait!!!
  • Tom P.
    The free lube has got to make this a deal clincher.
  • Bullet
    Get it right up ye, should have been the name of the album, maybe it is I dont speak german.
  • Amanda H.
    See Dido, you could have done this.
  • jp
    Rammstein are *a* silly, silly metal outfit... Dammit.
  • Aj
    Perhaps they knew all along that they only appealed to fannys?
  • Sex E.
    Lol. What would you do with 6 vibrators?! There are just not enough holes in the body ;)

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