Hide, the Evian babies are back

If you ever had the slightest ambivalence about children, those computer generated Evian babies would have put you off procreation for life. Well, the weird mutant infants are back to torment us, but this time, they’re not on rollerskates. It’s worse than that. MUCH WORSE.

Called Baby and Me, the new campaign shows a very French, very balding hipster in a V-neck seeing his young self reflected back in a car rear view mirror, then in a mirrored window on the street. Soon, other passers-by stop and see themselves as babies too and they all do a ‘funny’ dance to ‘Here Comes the Hotstepper’ by Ini Kamoze - and the world just got that bit more rubbish.

The first Evian campaign to show the dancing babies was the most viewed advert when it came out in 2009 – now this one has notched up over 20 million hits already. It seems that the world loves babies doing improbable things even more than it likes cats falling off tables.

It all just makes you want to get your water from the tap and throw the Internet in the bin, doesn't it? I need a drink.


  • Dick
    I'm still waiting for the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll version.
  • badger
    That baby hasn't come far since crawling over the ceiling in Trainspotting. He needs a new agent.

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