Hell's Angels are not pussies. Okay?

Marketing tip of the day: if you’re coming up with a wacky ‘campaign’, be careful of who you might upset. That seems to have been the lesson that has been learned by the agency employed by spectacle company Essilor, following this recent ad, which boasts of just how tough the spectacle frames are.


It was featured on notorious advertising blog Copyranter but since then, things have taken a ‘darker’ turn. Essilor have withdrawn the ad and the agency responsible have asked Copyranter if they’ll remove the piece from the blog. Which they refused to do.

We here at Bitterwallet would like to reiterate that we have nothing but the fullest of respect for the Hell’s Angels organisation at this point. Oh yes.


  • Dick
    1) The French. 2) A retreat. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere.
  • Uh O.
    You can rest assured than a gentleman named fritz will be talking to them very, very soon lol.
  • SouthPark F.
    I watched South Park - apparently, according to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, people with Harleys are "Fags". Fags, pussies, whatever.
  • Josh
    Try changing the words hells angels to Muslims and then you would see real death threats.
  • The B.
    You can't say fags, although on the plus side if you do then Eddie Murphy refuses to host the Oscars. If you say poofs will he stop churning out diabolical films?

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