Heinz ordered to pull ad on baby biscuits

g-080522-hlt-crying-baby-11a.widec Does your baby love gumming the crap out of Heinz baby biscuits? Do they cry like they want some more about 10 minutes after eating them? Not surprising really, as your lovely little bundle of germs has been having massive sugar comedowns.

As such, thanks to some complaints, Heinz have decided to stop marketing these treats as if they're healthy; because they're not at all healthy.

On the Heinz for Baby website, these chocolate and organic varieties of its golden multigrain biscotti were described as being "an ideal healthy snack for babies 7+ months old". However, campaigners and concerned parents argued that using healthy advertising for sugar laden snacks isn't on.

The Advertising Standards Authority agreed and 'informally resolved' the issue with Heinz, which means that they don't have to do a full investigation, and Heinz will no longer sell these items as 'healthy'. They won't stop making them mind you. And the packaging won't change.  They'll stop pointing at them and muttering stuff about them being good for your child though.

"We approached HJ Heinz with the concerns that had been raised about its ads,” said a spokesperson for the ASA. "It agreed to remove references to the products being ‘healthy snacks’ or ‘snacks’ from its advertising and to remove or to amend health claims. On that basis we resolved the case informally".

Now, on the Heinz site, it says that these biscuits are "little nibbles to keep them going".

Malcolm Clark, who is part of the Children’s Food Campaign, said: "Heinz has disregarded NHS advice on nutrition and snacking for under-ones as well as the advertising rules themselves. So it was no surprise that when we asked the Advertising Standards Authority to investigate, Heinz backed down and agreed to change its wording."

A spokesman for Heinz said: "Heinz takes its responsibilities as an advertiser very seriously. As soon as we were made aware that certain elements of our website copy may not have met the high standards we demand, we took immediate action to make changes. The matter was resolved to the satisfaction of the ASA."

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