Harrods rain posh verbal punches down on hapless Dixons

If there’s one lesson life has taught us, it’s that you should always side with the posh kid in a fight. It was the first thing we thought of when we saw the new print ads for dixons.co.uk. In them, they ape the style of upmarket retailers Harrods, Selfridges and John Lewis, while suggesting that shoppers should visit those stores to try out products before getting them cheaper online at Dixons.

The ads’ slogan is ‘dixons.co.uk – the last place you want to go’ and Niall O'Keeffe, UK marketing director at Dixons' owner, DSGi, said: “This campaign says, feel free to do your research, but make Dixons.co.uk your last port of call, as here you will find all your technology needs, at low prices.”


Our work experience fool Maths Mike is a regular in Harrods and he had a funny feeling that the claims in the ads wouldn’t stack up if a little scrutiny were applied. We contacted Harrods and suggested that something strange was afoot.

A spokesperson for the Knightsbridge uberstore described the spoof Harrods ad as: “Not only… a lowdown swipe by Dixons, but it is potentially misleading to customers who may think we offer a similar range of product, whereas in fact there is relatively little overlap.

"Our lawyers have sent Dixons a letter demanding that it substantiates the claims, but in the meantime customers might like to know that one of the few brands we have in common is Samsung - and we offer the 46" LED Backlight TV £100 cheaper!”

With the legal attack dogs let loose and the moral high ground well and truly taken, Harrods then added: "Despite the attempt at a sneer, they are unwittingly right about one thing, which is our service. Our customers experience the best assistance, in a pin-stripe or not, which is much more satisfying and enjoyable than dealing with a faceless person in a call centre." Oof! Get in there!

The lesson? Always side with the posh kid in a fight.


  • Dixons w.
    Whilst I don't always agree with Bitterwallet, Dixons have to be one of the most wank, inept companies I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Personally, I wouldn't deal with Harrods either - like Dixons, they sell overpriced goods too. But at least they make you feel nice about it
  • Granville
    John Lewis usually offer a free 5 year guarantee on TVs whereas I would imagine that Dixons will try and flog you an extended 3 year warrantee which would never be honoured anyway...
  • Tiny S.
    Not being from the big smoke I've never been in Harrods, but I have worked for Dixons (many years ago now) and shopped at Dixons on several occasions and I can say without fear of contradiction that they are a complete shower of bastards.
  • Smarky
    ebuyer should put some adverts up telling you to go visit Pcworld, try the product and then buy it from them. Wonder how DSGi would like them apples!?
  • Stevie
    to me the ad says "at Dixons we've got no customer service, can't advise you on any products, and in-fact our trained-monkey sales advisors will try and force 12 different types of product insurance into your hands as you buy the TV, for more than you could elsewhere"
  • Ross
    "dixons.co.uk – the last place you want to go" Having visited the website, I can agree 100% with this slogan !!
  • yeah
    DSGi's customer service has been voted worst via the PC world and Currys stores, and they use this slogan to promote their webstore Dixons? which really has no customer service other than a call centre? what fuckwits are getting paid bucketloads to think up this shit? for such a large firm, they seem to be so misguided when it comes to advertising the right things
  • The B.
    "here you will find all your technology needs, at low prices." Yep, £30 for an HDMI cable, get them low, low prices, cuntflaps.
  • charitynjw
    Last time I went into Currys, they tried to sell me insurance, Norton, uncle Tom Cobley & All. (& I only asked to use the loo!)
  • cust s.
    I find it interesting, I was offered the great opportunity to fill out an online survey with my last visit to pc world! Normally I just click them away unless there is something really good or really bad about the experience, this time after a very bad experience I decided to fill it out and who would ever guessed that the form would crash when negative inputs are recieved. Way to go PC World, I guess that is the only way you can show great customer satisfaction, by having tech fail with unfavorable reviews.
  • charitynjw
    @ RAPTORCIGS WTF does that mean?
  • shocker.
    DSGI bashing..... booooooooooooooring.
  • shocking
    Yes the truth is always very booooooooooooooring to hear
  • Dixons B.
    [...] not making new shoes, but removing the strapline from their website that made no sense whatsoever without the context of their previous adverts. [...]

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