Groupon in hot water again - this time over snake oil

russ_bottle Groupon keep on racking up those ASA adjudications, and with 50 in 2011, they’re making themselves look about as trustworthy as sellers of snake oil. Ironically, that’s what they’ve been bollocked about in their latest wrist-slapping by the ASA.

It’s all about an offer they promoted last October for ‘Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum’ – some kind of shady substance that would supposedly remove wrinkles and leave the user with younger-looking skin. Sounds tremendous.

Groupon claimed that the skin-ooze would bring about “temporary freeze-like effects on the face muscles”, adding that it “helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps tackle the signs of ageing, leaves the skin looking younger.” Sounds outstanding.

But the ASA have decided that these fancy words couldn’t be substantiated and that the goo’s effect hadn’t been proven in human trials. Additionally, the level of active ingredient in the product was unknown.

ASA bollocking ADMINSTERED. Please try harder Groupon. Or don't - let's see if you can get past 50 bollockings this year.



  • deadpeople
    Why don't the ASA ever go after tarot card readers and TV psychics that advertise on every sky channel at night ? Or have their claims been substantiated ? Don't get me started on the religious channels.
  • The B.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I see deadpeople.
  • Alexis
    Bollockings? The ASA sending a grumpy letter every week is hardly going to have any impact. I bet Groupon don't even bother opening the envelopes any more. And I assume we're paying for the ASA to carry out their indigent letter writing campaign? What a waste of money. Just give them powers to fine people, job sorted.
  • James D.
    If the ASA get really mad they might refer groupon to the ASA
  • Hairyass
    DeadPeople They have to state for entertainment purposes only now.

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