Greenpeace attack VW with spoof of Darth Vader commercial

29 June 2011

George Lucas probably won't be happy about Greenpeace using his Star Wars creations in a spoof viral that attacks VW over their environmental record. Still, if he pulls the plug on it, it'll make him look like a heartless swine.

The Greenpeace online ad is urging viewers to "join the rebellion" and sees mini Obi-Wan, mini Threepio and an even minier Yoda joining together to gang up on the little Darth Vader, as seen in a recent VW ad-campaign. Alas, Vader has a VW branded Death Star on his side.

The ad is being distributed online in 14 countries, including China, Canada, US, UK, Germany and France and will apparently be supported by outdoor activity. Whatever that means.

Still, a surprisingly humorous campaign from Greenpeace, who are usually prone to cloying sentimentality and tugging at heartstrings with oily Pelicans and the like.

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  • PokeHerPete
    It is a cool advert, but its Green Peace. Just for that Im gonna drive everywhere more often and consider a VW for my next car.
  • Shooter M.
    Lucas should sue and make this a day long remembered. It will see the death of Greenpeace and will soon see the end of the rebellion
  • Dick
    At 19/20 secs, is Chewy the pedobear? He definitely has a fondle of Leia's boob.
  • Advertisers
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