Frijoles gets robbed - they turn CCTV footage into ace advert

A restaurant in LA called Frijoles & Frescas, which sells tacos and the like, got robbed. So, they did what anyone should do - get the CCTV footage and turn it into an advert.

The restaurant pieced together the various bits of security footage, and added some amusing captions, and hey presto, you've got something that's going viral.

Have a look.

We particularly like the bit where you see one of the scallywags charging around in the dark, with the caption: "Checks the storage room again. Still no tacos."

The video adds: "We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do. They ARE pretty amazing." And then they ask for help in finding these ne'er-do-wells... so they can give them some tacos.

They also troll one of the guys: "And someone please teach this guy how to throw a rock. That was weak, bro." Possibly the best Christmas advert of 2015!

What do you think?

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