Firefox - now with loads of adverts

firefox Mozilla's Firefox browser isn't the powerhouse it once was, thanks to Google putting the scuppers on it. It could be getting worse too as it will soon be accepting advertisements.

The company is trying to win back users by personalising the overall experience, but also, by embracing ads after years of ignoring them.

In an official blog post, Mozilla said that they'll be sell ads through a new Directory Tiles initiative. Basically, there'll be nine rectangular tiles in a new tab. When you open a new tab in Firefox, you'll get nine blank tiles across the page. Those will fill up with your most-visited and recently visited websites. These tiles will also show "sponsored content."

"We are excited about Directory Tiles because it has inherent value to our users, it aligns with our vision of a better Internet through trust and transparency, and it helps Mozilla become more diversified and sustainable as a project," said VP of content services, Darren Herman.

"While we have not worked out the entire product roadmap, we are beginning to talk to content partners about the opportunity, and plan to start showing Directory Tiles to new Firefox users as soon as we have the user experience right."

Of course, other browsers have adverts in them, but if you've been sticking with Firefox because it is ad-free, then this will be irritating news.


  • Marky M.
    I'm excited too, Darren.
  • David
    been looking for an excuse to move my final device over to chrome (only on FF because I have so many stored passwords in it). this might be the final push
  • VirgiI
    "When you open a new tab in Firefox, you’ll get nine blank tiles across the page" No you won't. You'll get about:blank, or you'll be uninstalling.
  • fuck J.
    Bun dat, that aint Kosher.
  • Teddy E.
    Just use Pale Moon. It's the same as Firefox but without the pointless crap and the updates every five minutes.
  • Phuck Y.
    We're on version 26 and I'm just downloading yet another fucking update. The next update will be to Chrome, fuck you Firefox.
  • Peter P.
    Chrome is on version 32
  • Jeremy
    I don't use tabs. I just open a new windows instead. No adverts.
  • you
    I dont use tabs. I just re-install Windows instead. No adverts.
  • Slacker
    Presumably Adblock Plus will take care of this, and if it doesn't no doubt someone will write something that will.

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