EE say they're "Britain's most reliable broadband" - Oh no you're not!

ee EE proclaimed that they were "Britain's most reliable broadband for staying connected", and then the Advertising Standards Authority politely informed them that they weren't, smacking their legs in the process.

The company based their claim on Ofcom broadband tests, which showed that EE achieved the lowest rate of packet loss, jitter and latency. "As those measures were mostly concerned with real-time activities such as VoIP and video calling, EE thought a claim which focused on reliability as it related to those activities was appropriate," the ASA stated in its adjudication.

However, grassing them up were BT who challenged the claims, saying that EE's scores in each of those categories were not better than theirs to a "statistically significant degree" and failed to take the wireless router performance into account.

ASA sided with class swot, BT, adding that Ofcom's report "clearly stated that those differences were not statistically significant when compared to BT" and that EE "had not provided any evidence to demonstrate superior wireless router performance in relation to the maintenance of a connection".

EE can't run their adverts in the current form from now on.

However, EE did manage to flick the Vs behind teacher's back toward after BT complained that EE's claims to have Britain's first plug-and-play fibre broadband router were wrong.

The ASA found that EE's Bright Box beat BT's Home Hub 5, to which BT screamed "OH GOD IT IS SO UNFAIR!"

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