Easyjet - 1,000,000% cheaper than BA!* <I>* not factually correct</I>

29 October 2008

How do you know if a statement is true or not? Either a) Ron Burgundy says it, or b) it's printed in a newspaper. Unless it's a press advert for easyJet, then all bets are off.

Bastions of truth and justice British Airways weren't too happy with easyJet claiming that on selected flights and at selected times, the budget airline was "up to 65% cheaper than BA". The root of British Airways' upset was that easyJet had seemingly plucked the number out the air.

The ASA found that while several of the prices quoted by easyJet represented savings, nobody could make them add up to 65% without substantially revising the laws of mathematics. At least easyJet kept all the paperwork concerning how they'd reached the figure, so it wouldn't appear they'd launched an aggressive marketing campaign and simply made up the headline to drive sales.

easyJet said, as a result of human error, they had been unable to trace the relevant substantiation for the ad. They said appropriate steps were being taken to prevent such occurrences in future.

Oh. Balls.

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  • Simon B.
    What a biased load of drivel! Have you ever flow BA these day....! Well I will always fly low cost.

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