Dreadful advert tries to seduce you with an e-cigarette

Like it or not, e-cigs are the latest thing in smoking, with people puffing away on robot shishas and confusing nightclub bouncers everywhere. As such, we're going to be seeing more and more adverts for them and a new one knocking about is so cringeworthy that you might end up with broken ankles from curling your toes too much.

VIP vapes have hired a woman to get your pulse racing, saying "I want to feel it" and "put it in my mouth" and the whole thing is beyond lousy. Mercifully, most people who have been on the smokes for a while can't maintain arousal without passing out as it is, so there's no danger there.


  • Hmmmm
    Interesting, was this advert put together by contestants of The Apprentice? Looks like it.
  • Uh-huh
    You're fired!
  • fox f.
    What a crap advert, clearly aimed at impressionable twats, guess it worked then, sadly. Clearly a brainstorm from bungay's finest advertising team, (who usually advertise on roundabout lamp posts & under your car wiper in asda car-parks). yes that is indeed quality.

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