Dogg becomes face of MoneySNOOPermarket

20 years ago Snoop ‘Doggy’ Dogg was once considered a menace to society, and so dangerous that newspapers were demanding he was refused entry to the UK lest he pervert the nation’s youth into becoming drug dealing gang bangers, or something.

Now, in a new advert for MoneySupermarket, he’s become a frontman for car insurance. In a new advert – to be debuted during this Sunday’s Dancing On Ice (oh my) – which is apparently a ‘celebration of old school hip hop videos’ and authentically ‘shot in South Central LA’ using the What’s My Name? hitmaker mooning about to What’s My Name?


Aside from the argument “well, if it’s good enough for Iggy”, what’s the message sent out by the site? That they will be brilliant and helpful enough to steer you through your financial woes? Or that they’ve done so well that they can spunk several grand on an advert shot on location with one-time ‘evil’ rapper Snoop Dogg, on the basis that some bright spark renaming it MoneySNOOPermarket. Oh God.

Well, at least it’s not the bloody meerkats.


  • John h.
    Get the trolley out
  • Trolley D.
    Trolley get out
  • Trolley B.
    Trolley, fuck you

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