Do you know what the Advertising Standards Authority does?

Here's a new commercial to remind you of the point of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), in case you'd forgotten or weren't aware of their existence.

Remember, if you see an advert making questionable claims, do get in touch with the ASA. They'll take several weeks to decide you were right all the long and the ad in question is indeed misleading, by which time the advertising campaign will have long since finished. The ASA will demand the advert never runs again, which suits the advertiser just fine since they had no intention of it doing so. Referrals to The Office of Fair Trading are rare, so the advertiser will wait a couple of months before putting everyone through the same profitable charade once more.

The ASA. As useful as a bearded horse.


  • Mike
    Only a couple of months to run an advertising campaign? Someone should tell Milky way.
  • Paul
    "...decide you were right tall the long and the..." Tall the long? Where you using voice recognition for this article?! Your point is totally valid, though.
  • filly b.
    Where can I get one of those bearded horses please?
  • Mike U.
    Totally Useless Cunts!!
  • James G.
    Do these also do the same for websites that advertise and promote competitions to win things like samsung galaxy tabs in november, but then never send the prize out?
  • singhster
    Bunch of wangers. I emailed them questioning BT's use of the word "unbeatable" in their broadband adverts. They did fuck all. How can anything be unbeatable? BT can't see into the future can they, and predict if another service will beat them? All utter twats.
  • The B.
    Um, based on most of their rulings, sit around doing nothing.
  • CharlieBen
    Reminds me a lot of the adverts the ITC ran when it was formed in the 1990's

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