DFS sale advert banned for exploiting midgets

So you've got a backside the size of Belgium. You still don't need a sofa as wide as those sold by DFS in their recent sale / never-ending, pointlessly-jazzed-up, one-trick-pony of an offer.

Believing that setting a 30 second furniture commercial to a Nickelback song would somehow encourage sales rather than send people to the kitchen to stab knives in their ears, DFS paraded the usual collection of slightly garish and hideously styled suites, while extras mimed along to the devil song. Except the extras had been filmed separately and added to the foreground after, and nobody had quite figured out how to scale the two correctly.

Cue several sofas that were either been serenaded by midgets, or were big enough to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight:

21 viewers of the commercial weren't entirely happy with the ads, and neither was the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). DFS couldn't provide any photographic evidence to establish to correct size of the suites, so the ASA had little option but to uphold the complaints, stating the production technique had exaggerated the size of the sofas compared with the extras, and that the commercial couldn't be shown in its current form again.

Surprisingly, the use of Nickelback in a television advert wasn't an issue. Damnation.


  • Will
  • Mike H.
    At least they got that chuffing advert banned one way or another, clever people.
  • Martin
    So it wasn't banned for exploiting midgets as the title states, but because their use exaggerated the size of the sofas.
  • ste
    lol at above post!!
  • Paul S.
    No Martin, the title is a reference to the copy within the story, that may serve to catch the eye and draw a casual reader into exploring the story further. That, and artistic use of a sense of humour. Sorry about that.
  • Giles
    I hope the midgets sued for funfair dismissal.
  • Craig
    Could they not have somehow have wangled it, so that Nickleback were seen to be endorsing DFS and their exploitation of midgets and had them publicly hanged?
  • Nick B.
    The spivviest furniture shop n the world. Hopefully the credit crunch will see its demise.
  • Steve
    Well judging by the size of her breasts, I'd say that sofa was ample. Or is that more midgets?
  • Ian
    Quote : I hope the midgets sued for funfair dismissal. They could'nt afford to, they were a little short.
  • andy
    lol was hoping that the absolute radio midget was gonna be next for the chop.
  • SevAspet
    Dodgy Furniture Salesmen!
  • Alan
    Always amazing bargains at these furniture places. Sales on all year round, and things that were £3000 but are now only £800.
  • Steve C.
    So, picture the scene, it's October 1st I get up at 5 in the morning.....first advert on channel 4? DFS christmas advert....... Makes me want to go down to my local DFS store and set fire to it. As for Rockstar, I hate that song now. The DFS advert was played ad nauesum on local radio every ten minutes and then every blooming ad break on the tele as well.
  • Joff
    Must admit that I didn't even spot the sofa in the advert whilst the nubile blonde was shaking her thing...
  • Shad R.
    Wo Google mich den lieben Tag hinbringt :) Fabelhafte Seite, ich werde nochmals kommen.

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