Danes make interactive Drink Aware video that's horribly close to the truth in places

Everyone drinks too much because we live in an unforgiving, unyielding world. It's a dreadful planet so we might as well get wrecked and make it that little bit more toxic, right? That said, the Danish have got us thinking as something called Byturen have made a video showing you exactly how stupid you look on a night out.

Basically, you can enjoy the Danes export (that one they hate to see leave), but in moderation because you look like a gigantic berk if you don't. And yes, there's a bit of nipple half way through the video too, which is terribly exciting.

If you visit the Byturen website, there's an interactive version too. There's also the near-English instruction of "Hold Musem Over Filmen", which should keep you puerile swine happy for ten minutes alone.


  • Zleet
    Why would her being drunk put graffiti on the walls of the toilet? Unless she went crazy and smashed the place up.
  • Dirty D.
    She tossed off a couple of tramps making jizz graffiti on the walls.

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