Dads! Treat yourself on Father's Day with a bit of domestic abuse

Avid reader Dan Morris, who has never read Bitterwallet in his life, saw this lovely bit of advertising in the Daily Mirror which seems to extol the virtues of beating your wife up on Father's Day.

wife beating japes

There's a small irony in this as the Daily Mirror was launched in 1903 by Lord Northcliffe as a newspaper for women, saying: "I intend it to be really a mirror of feminine life as well on its grave as on its lighter be entertaining without being frivolous, and serious without being dull." It seems the paper accidentally retains some of the marital values from 1903. Possibly 'shopped, but worth it for the initial amused 'oof', right?

ASDA must be thrilled.


  • Alexis
    Beating up your wife? It's like keying your own car according to Sean Lock!
  • Dick
    Well Amazon beats Asda, then fucks it up the arse. For example, LKOS is £2.99 there.
  • Cheekycheetah
    Shame this advert is at least a couple of years old. It was blogged about here: and I'm sure it was probably from the year before that. A bit of Googling will no doubt find the original date.
  • Skymarshall
    11/06/2008 I believe. No googling necessary - just read the date at the top of the paper. They have those, papers..
  • Darren
    Such a FAIL that Dan Morris & Mof Gimmers did not notice this was a 2009 ad and taken from elsewhere... FAIL FOX FAIL FOX FAIL
  • Cheekycheetah
    Nice one Skymarshall - couldn't see it on the small screen device. Coming through loud and clear on my laptop though. Maybe this was an early 3 year anniversary celebration feature?

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