Customer sent packing, and a lot of it

Yes, yes - we know some of you don't give a chocolate sod about excess packaging and will piss and moan regardless of whatever we show you, but there's little argument to be had in this instance.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Laurie ordered a shower hose from Bristan, and it arrived in this box, filled with air bag packaging to stop it rattling about. Sweet muscular Jesus. Let the pissing and moaning commence:

Bitterwallet - excess packaging


  • PokeHerPete
    WTF IS DIS REAL-ly necessary?
  • Matt
    Maybe it's a grower not a shower?
  • RobS
    I can top that by a country mile. I had a sticker (with a serial number on it) about the size of a post-it sent to me in a box about 1/2 size of the box pictured. It was bubble wrapped and cocooned in several layers of envelope and was posted from a popular scanning software company in the USA to me in the UK. This happened twice! so must have been standard practice! My poor planet........meh
  • MinesBigger
    I had one twice the size from Bristan. It contained a pair of radiator valves in loads of shredded paper. I think they just wanted to dump their rubbish!
  • SteveR
    Am I alone in not giving a shit? As long as the planet's resources last for another couple of decades it should see me out nicely.
  • Virgin
    @SteveR you inconsiderate old cunt,DIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!! I have another 80 years to go :)
  • Paul
    We use Bristan as a supplier for our customers. The management are aware of the excessive use of packaging, but we have discovered that they don't give a toss about customers.
  • The B.
    I'm with SteveR, who gives a fuck.
  • Maggie T.
    Lots of us "give a toss", so why not fuck off, you selfish tosser?
  • Paul
    I see what you did there.
  • evil r.
    stop saying rappys new email on line [email protected]
  • Maggie T.
    Sadly I didn't do anything, other than read The Borg's post as saying "who gives a toss" instead of fuck. I suppose I better correct my post: Lots of us “give a fuck”, so why not toss off, you selfish fucker? (to the borg, not Paul).
  • Rich
    Do you smell better, now the shower is working?
  • Paul
    Aww, man. I just told our rep about this and he might think I'm the other Paul. :(

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