Crivens! Made In Britain logo is launched!

made in britain logo

Lifestyle TV presenting idiots are very, very keen to force-feed you the notion that Buying British is the best thing you can do. Of course, helping out the UK market is a good thing, but aside from some vague altruism, do you really care where something is made?

See, a Made in Britain logo has been unleashed on the public in the hope that it will help to boost the sales of British-made products and services... despite the fact it looks like a Paris Saint Germaine home shirt.

This little logo is having hopes pinned on it as it is hoped that, with its use in advertising campaigns, labels and websites, consumers will be able to identify what has been made on their doorstep and, presumably, make you want to buy it over something made elsewhere.

All this has come about after someone did some research and discovered that most British shoppers have no idea which products are made in Blighty. Did they ask if the average consumer actually gave two hoots?

Of course, the government are feigning interest and backing the new logo, despite having nothing to do with the creation of it. The logo was in fact brought about by kitchen appliance manufacturer Stoves. No, us neither.

So while TV chefs and Kirstie Allsopp will now be able to fizz with enthusiasm about local artisans and British producers, the fact is that the majority of British consumers will still show the most interest in the thing that is best value for them. If British vegetables cost more than ones from overseas, a little logo on the packaging isn't going to make too much difference is it?



  • Milky
    reminds me of a bird in flight, probably a pigeon shitting on your head. therefore subliminally stating shit british goods! ..which is a shame as we need to get back in the manufacturing game, this logo is laughable, probably simply designed to tie in with all those medals we won't be winning at our very expensive paid for by the public, costs rising, good for no-one LONDON (NOT BRITISH) OLYMPICS. ..which benefits how many folk out of a very small radius in the footprint of this island?
  • wingZero21
    Love the idea, but the logo is fucking dog shite.....come on surely we can do better than that.... maybe something like this (lots of sarcasm intended) Cheers wingZero
  • stdr
    Stoves are well known and make good kit generally. The logo is really, really crap. I wonder how much they paid for it, or if the CEO's dog did it or something. As to vegetables, they all tend to have a country of origin on them anyway so you can check without a daft logo on the packet. (I do to look for food miles reasons)
  • Paul D.
    I'm still not sure why this one didn't win the 2012 competition:
  • Kate H.
    Stoves had all the right intentions here, and I'm for anything that supports UK manufacturing, I even blog about it ( But I think that running this as a student competition was a cost cutting exercise, and it shows.
  • Mark
    What a load of festering cock puss. Looks French to me, or Icelandic, or maybe even Norwegian. Red should be the predominate colour, Red, White and Blue, the colours of the British Flag, NOT Blue, White and Red. Twats!
  • MrRobin
    Meh... it's alright... good to see that it was designed by a student competition (someone learnt from the 2012 olympics logo) but what's wrong with just using the union flag ffs??
  • DonRobinho
    Nice use of the Costa Rican flag. Epic fail as the kids probably used to say.
  • Dick
    Why can't they just use the red cross on a white background? The Jocks have their own flag on many of their products - they don't buy British, they buy Scottish. In fact, British in Scotland means made in England, so they don't buy it. And I couldn't give a fuck about the welsh, they can put a sheep on theirs. As for NI, they can remain English (yes, I know) so long as they keep winning in the golf.
  • Made L.
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  • John S.
    Shanks here. I don't like the font very much. And I believe that the word proximity is a concern. The 'a' in 'Made' is virtually touching the dot of the first 'i' in 'Britain' for Pete's sake... It all smacks of something designed by foreigners. Regards.
  • Racist
    Great! I for one can't stand anything made overseas.
  • Made r.
    [...] Crivens! Made in Britain logo launched!, on Bitterwallet Made in Britain logo launched, on MarketingWeek New ‘Made in Britain’ [...]
  • Kate H.
    Whilst I am all for supporting UK manufacturing (I even blog about it at ), I think this logo completely misses the mark. The winner is not even a design student, but is in fact a student of engineering, so you can guess how far Stoves actually spread the net for entrants. The poor lass was only rewarded with £200 and a (not made in the UK) telly for her efforts too. I can't see Mulberry adopting this on their handbags or John Smedley knitting it into a sweater any time soon.
  • steve
    I would love to have be the one who designed this logo, it would mean i would have been paid a shed load of money for box full of dog shit.
  • Made T.
    [...] Crivens! Made in Britain logo launched!, on Bitterwallet Made in Britain logo launched, on Marketing Week New ‘Made in Britain’ [...]
  • Frank
    I'd be very surprised to know exactly what is made in Briton anymore seeing as all our jobs have gone to different counties.

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