Crisps, chocolate and Coke are rubbish

Guess what? Junk food brands top the list for generating the most rubbish – (as opposed to Waitrose wasabi peas and kale.) In a survey by Keep Britain Tidy, which amassed 37,000 items of UK litter, Coca Cola is the worst offender, followed by Cadbury, Walkers crisps and McDonalds.

Closely following on the heels of Most Popular Brands To Throw Over Your Shoulder are Red Bull, Imperial Tobacco, Fosters and Pepsi.

It’s a dystopian snapshot of Broken Britain, and the cheap entertainments we all use to stave off impending death. The fast food, the desperate snatched ciggies, the energy drinks to keep us awake - Hogarth would have a field day.

‘Everyone has a role to play [in cleaning up the streets], including everyone who buys these products,’ says Phil Barton of Keep Britain Tidy.‘When you buy a bottle of pop, a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar, you don’t just buy the contents, you buy the packaging as well.’

The brands mentioned already make donations to Keep Britain Tidy, but it's obviously not enough. Should brands be shamed into doing more about the litter problem? And if people insist on littering, when will they learn to throw better rubbish?


  • Lord S.
    Oh for fucks sake... It's not the "brands" that generate the rubbish, it's the fuckwits that are too lazy to put it in the bin. I'm beginning to think that Lucy Sweet is a pretty prolific generator of rubbish.
  • shiftynifty
    Gasp ...shock...horror....lazy fuckers in litter problem headline....Lucy....‘When you buy a bottle of pop, a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar, you don’t just buy the contents, you buy the packaging as well.’.... we know Crisps, chocolate and Coke are rubbish...but it`s the lazy twats who buy these products who should be binning the packaging** **Reproduced by kind permission from the university of stating the bleeding obvious
  • Sporky M.
    I blame the Government's parents.
  • shiftynifty
    Sporky Mcmuffin ---fuckwit
  • noshit
    I left an empty bottle of Rola Cola on a bench, my bad I know. The "rubbish tech" didn't even attempt to pick it up as it wasn't a know brand. These designer fascists pervade our society and I say kill'em all.
  • LancerVancer
    Gotta be better than used condoms and tampons. That is what you find lying around our streets. Shmoke da weed!!!
  • Shifty n.
    Lancervancer ...sounds like a shithole
  • dvdj10
    Aren't these just the most popular brands? This say's nothing about the brands themselves nor the people that buy that unless they link it back proportionally compared tot he number of sales.
  • Phuck Y.
    All they need to do is say "Throwing litter on the floor is really cool, dudes. Keep Britain littering, it's todally wicked, isn't it." Then attempt to slap your fingers together, Latin American Prison style, like a spastic being given a handjob. The whole country will be clean in a matter of minutes.

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