Court rules in favour of software that blocks adverts

An angry consumer, yesterday

The internet, as you know, is full of adverts. Websites absolutely need them to pay for themselves. However, should you be forced to look at them?

Well, you'll also know that you can get software that blocks pop-ups and other ads, allowing you to read articles without being shrieked at by a loans company or an eye-melting animating thing telling you that you've won a prize.

Over in Germany, a group of media companies took AdBlock Plus to court. They said it was threatening their business and that the whole thing is anti-competitive and, of course, they wanted it to be shut down.

However, much to the dismay of the media outlets, a court ruled in favour of allowing people to continue to block ads.

"Now that the legalities are out of the way, we want to reach out to other publishers and advertisers and content creators and encourage them to work with Adblock Plus rather than against us," said AdBlock's project manager, Ben Williams. It makes sense that, instead of spending all their time fighting someone, it'd be more fruitful to work out another way of doing things, right?

Well, this is media and if there's something that the media hates, it is change. Instead of working with AdBlock, the group immediately put an appeal in and they'll continue to fight AdBlock. Their business can't be under threat too much, if they can afford to keep forking out for expensive legal cases.

The group said: "We are still convinced that AdBlock Plus is an illegal and anti-competitive practice." They added that they feel the blocking of adverts "infringes" on the freedom of the press and will "examine the prospects" of an appeal.


  • Eight A.
    I'm sick to death of adverts - either on t'interweb or on the bloody TV. 1.49 out of 1.49 to AdBlock standing up to them. Isn't it about time we got a new "Trolley of the week" - that one seems to have been there for a year now.
  • samuri
    I want an Adblock t-shirt
  • Vinod
    I find the add very irritating and hope Adblock Plus wins.
  • Jay K.
    Maybe someone should take the "group of German Media Companies" to court fo rpunting advertising material and advertising practices that were so irritating it drove prople to install AdBlock in the first place
  • Ian
    Ive blocked ADS FOR 15 YEARS most of them are very shady. Defo mess with ur pc tracking and spying just so they can make money of you and use up your bandwidth
  • Father J.
    Well done Adblock!
  • Raggedy
    @Eight Ace The previous Feral Trolley was there for about the same amount of time too. I have more trolley pictures in their natural habitat but am reluctant to send these while every comment I make gets censored and has to wait for administrative approval because of a previous comment I made. I know not what this comment was, or who it upset so have no idea if this will even see the light of day but hey, that's progress! :-)
  • Kam
    Blocks freedom of the press? That's like saying curtains and blinds should be illegal too. If someone installs Adblock they've made a deliberate decision not to look at irritating nonsense which is stopping them looking at the web site they want to use. Adblock should come standard in all web browsers and then anyone who wants to ruin their eyesight looking at flashing images can disable it.
  • Father J.
    "every comment I make gets censored and has to wait for administrative approval because of a previous comment I made. " Aren't all comments pre-moderated on this site then??
  • Jack S.
    Does anyone apart from Mof and Thewlis write articles these days?
  • Warwick H.
    Demonoid has blocked people from entering the site unless they disable Adblock.
  • Grateful
    Not sure why people even use it, a Hosts file is much more practical, less intrusive, undetectable and better at stopping everything (If you want it to).
  • dvdgremlin
    "Demonoid has blocked people from entering the site unless they disable Adblock." so edit your hosts file instead.
  • Father J.
    "Not sure why people even use it" I use it because it works and it requires no effort from me. What the fuck is Demonoid anyway??
  • Tom
    The web pages could make it a term and condition to see THEIR page and THEIR content that they have made. If you block the adverts, that they need to run their site, they should block your access to THEIR website. People may say the web companies have too much money anyway, but their out goings can be huge. Website companies should higher the brightest and pull these ad blockers apart, bit by bit, to there very code, then develop more advance and clever ways to block people who use ad blocker and get around them. Developing the technology, by the second. I feel that providing any service is a two way thing, their has to be something in for the end user and the provider. I like the services that the adverts provide me and I do not want to start having to pay for every bit of content I want to see.
  • Raggedy
    @ Tom Reverse engineering is illegal on most software. :-) Anyway most bleeding adverts are SO intrusive, you have to wait for THEM to load instead of the content you're after. Try moving down a typical webpage with your cursor keys before it's finished loading. You usually get "browser name" has stopped responding. Wait a few more seconds for ALL ads to load and it's back to normal. How about the ones that spring into FULL PAGE once you accidentally mouse over them? I'm paying for my internet to show me bloody ads!!!!
  • Raggedy
    @Father Jack >>Aren’t all comments pre-moderated on this site then??<< I bet you don't get "Your comment is awaiting moderation." after every post and it doesn't appear on the site until it has been moderated. Sometimes this can take hours so my comment is no longer relevant. Doh.

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