Could you be the next Milk Tray man?

9 October 2015

The Milk Tray man is coming back to our tellies, and you could be the next star of it. He's been off our screens for over a decade, but now, with a new Bond film doing the rounds, it seems like a decent enough time to bring it back.

So, you could submit yourself to be the star, or indeed, your boyfriend too. And with this being 2015, we could see the Milk Tray secret agent being a woman too. Quite right. There's a lot of people out there who would like a woman to deliver chocolates directly to their house. Provided they look half decent in a black polo neck sweater.

In a new advert, which will be on TV tonight, one of the original Milk Tray men will call out for a new hero.

A Cadbury spokesperson said: "While a sense of adventure is still key to his character, what we want from today’s Milk Tray Man is someone thoughtful who goes the extra mile. With an application process that’s open to all, we’re confident we’ll find a modern-day hero."

You should submit pictures of your partner, or a best friend you'd like to stitch up. Whatever tickles your pickle really. Apply to be the next star of the Milk Tray ads by clicking here

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  • Mike
    Hi, I would love to be the Milk Tray man, I am a real hard worker and need the money and have experience eating chocolates please call [number removed] etc etc
  • Ashley m.
    Hi I think I would be perfect to be the next milk tray man, keeping in line with the tall dark and handsome theme. Also I think it would be good for milk tray to have a black milk tray may it is 2015 :)
  • Chris b.
  • lee g.
    Hi, I would love to be the Milk Tray man, Im gods gift to women, i work hard and i play hard. Im your man.
  • jordan s.
    i think i have what it takes to be the new milk tray man
  • laraine.livings
    I would like Pirate Pete from Towie to be the new Milk Tray Man, I am 65 years old with a 41 and 23 year old daughter, and I think with his beautiful face deep blue eyes, dressed as a swash buckling pirate, he would be perfect.
  • Jeoff S.
    I would love to be the new milk tray man as i love chocolate
  • beverley r.
    Why not a strong woman.... Why a man... I'd do it!!!
  • Cemone
    Hi, I think it's time for a whole new look for the cadbury milk tray man. Instead of the usual tall, dark haired guy I think my partner would be great for the role. He's strawberry blonde, blue eyed, tallish and has the most amazing smile and is a true gentleman, he truly is a hero to me and our 2 sons.

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