Costa Brava is "just like the Bahamas". Honest.

If you think about it hard enough, it's conceivable that the Costa Brava region of North East Spain does in fact start in the Bahamas. Of course, you'd have to raise the temperature of the Earth several dozen degrees so the oceans boiled away and you could walk the 4,578 miles between the two (it is, we've checked). Or lower the temperature so you could walk across the Atlantic. Or grow gills.

Ok, so the Costa Brava is nothing whatsoever like the Bahamas, and certainly doesn't start there. Unless you're the Costa Brava Girona tourism board, and you use a photograph of the Bahamas to advertise your beaches in Lloret de Mar. The advertising strapline "Where does the Costa Brava start?" doesn't quite make sense when accompanied by a photo taken nearly 5,000 miles away.

The director of the tourism board can't see what the problem is, since each of them has sand, sea and sky, saying: "Our intention is not to lie, nor to suggest that the Bahamas are really better than the Costa Brava." Before you accuse her of talking through her agujero, test your powers of deduction with the Guardian's gallery of beachy pics for you to guess the location of.

NB In the spirit this story, we've published a photo of the Costa Brava, too. Except it's really Brighton Beach. And that's Brighton Beach in Melbourne, not Blghtly. We're wild, we are.



  • The B.
    To be fair, some of the chavs kicking around last time I was in the Maldives put me right off going there again, although last time I did upgrade to a water villa so I didn't have to deal with them and their free bar.
  • Joff
    I've visited Lloret de Mar and if the Bahamas has a "Robin Hood" pub where drunk patrons are dragged up the steps and spill out into the street to vomit then yes, I can see the similarities.
  • aphexbr
    North East Spain? Maybe they'd like to check a map them (your?) selves... it's the Catalonia region, near Barcelona in the *south east* of Spain, near the French border...
  • Paul S.
    Maybe you'd like to buy glasses before you check that map again. Spain borders France at the North of the country, and Barcelona is on the Eastern cost, so that'd mean...
  • Von H.
    [...] [...]
  • Northumberland B.
    [...] to fool consumers with a flashy case of smoke and mirrors - publishing a photo of the Bahamas and labelling it as the Costa Brava. Their slight of hand was exposed and everyone involved was loudly tutted at for their [...]

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