Consumer marketing helps McDonald's thrive during recession

American fast food behemoth McDonald's is one of a handful of chains doing decently well in the recession. But for the amount of time and labour spent on planning their "recession marketing strategy", this should be no surprise.

Speaking to the American Marketing Association's Mplanet 2009 conference in January of this year, McDonald's Chief Marketing Officer Mary Dillon said that the chain is in the "busy lifestyle business," which she categorized as a growth industry as people work more hours to try and make ends meet.

Here in the UK, the "global brand promise" and localized strategy technique has involved such things as direct advertising of its Apple Dippers, as a tie-in to the movie Madagascar 2. This, Dillon said, linked entertainment with food choice.

Another campaign was aimed at developing excitement for the introduction of the McFlurry (in France) by a three-pronged digital campaign on several platforms: TV, mobile, online, and ringtones. All platforms hammered on the theme of "customising your McFlurry."

In Japan, a tie-in with Nintendo has been successful. The combination of old school outdoor advertising with computer game characters and trial game versions in Happy Meals connects what's hot in Japan with going to McDonald's.

Is this combination of global and local marketing based on comprehensive research the reason for McDonald's relatively smooth ride through the current global recession? Or is it simply one of the few things that people have not had to totally give up despite hard times?


  • acecatcher3
    i havent had a mcdonalds in a while..i think companies like this and dominoes for example are doing well because instead of going out and spending alot of money, ppl just treat themselves to a takeaway and a film or maybe a program for the family like britains got talent for example. mcdonalds recently had that monopoly promotion going so no wonder ppl kept buying.
  • Francis R.
    'After the cheeky girls had lost all hope in securing a record deal, they turned to chips to ease their worries'
  • b. o.
    you would be better off going to the chippy/ its cheaper and better. you fat fucks
  • Tom P.
    mmmm McD’s , i've got a voucher entitling me to a big mac & fries for £1.99 so looks like the "global and local marketing" is working
  • Tom P.
    chippy stuff is crap, all that GTX oil they use ruins the taste
  • pauski
    Is it me - or is the one on the right obese? Or has the one on the left never used her legs?
  • sosodeff
    Chippy stuff beats McD's hands down. Nothing McDonalds do compares to Fish, Chips, Mushy Peas & Curry sauce. NOTHING.
  • Jill
    Haven't they done McFlurrys in France for years? I bought one back in 2004 (I still remember it because it was revolting!).
  • Aubrey S.
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  • toplu s.
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