Confusion over Burger & Lobster menu

Confusion over Burger & Lobster menu

If you had to guess what Burger and Lobster served up without looking at a menu, most of you would guess 'burgers... and lobster?', right?

However, this isn't straightforward for some customers, who have complained about a lack of menu at the eateries.

Some will find that funny, as the clue is in the restaurant's name. Others will point out that there's a lot of ways you can serve lobsters, and even more varieties of burger, so a menu wouldn't go amiss.

For those that haven't been, basically, for £20 you could order a burger or a lobster, with some sides. They have no menu, and when you sit down, you're asked if you'd like a burger or lobster, and if you go for our pinchy pal from the sea, you can basically have one cracked open, or on a sandwich.

The whole thing has become a headache for the restaurant chain, and they're now rethinking what they'll be serving up, as this menu-less concept is just not being grasped by people.

In a move that was initially meant to save time and confusion, it seems the reverse has happened.

Burger and Lobster have received scores of confused emails, tweets, and everything else, and now, they've given up on the way they used to do things, and will now be showing you a menu.

Maisie Denning, head of marketing, said: “Since day one, we've been inundated with emails, tweets etc asking what we serve. After receiving our 1,001th email we just gave in and thought, why not?"

If you checked their website, and looked for the Burger & Lobster menu, you would find this.

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