Commercial Break: Your election candidate wants you to be killed

It’s as true as you are that our party political broadcasts here in the UK are all rubbish. Apart from that one yesterday where The Chuckle Brothers got thrown out of the hospital – that was pretty good.

But there’s no doubt that our PPBs are hampered by the long list of stuff that can and cannot be said. It definitely isn’t the same over in the US of States. Recently we brought you the WEIRD camp for Dan Adler, where he boasts that he’ll ‘get shit done’ and now comes a smear advert, accusing wannabe Congresswoman Janice Hahn of springing (mainly black) prisoners out of jail so that they can carry out further atrocities.

In case you don’t quite get the negative message that is being delivered, there’s some police mug shots of notorious criminals dotted throughout. Plenty subtle – like comparing Eric Pickles with a child-snatching cannibal. Sort of.

What do you think?

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