Commercial Break: World Cup scuppered by awful Sony 3D ad

3 June 2010

Oh shitting crikey – the blessed World Cup’s only gone and gone all tits up on us! Here we were with a brazen range of brilliant ads linked to the ‘festival of football’ and Sony have gone and blown it.

They do 3D tellies you know, and as some of the latter stages of the World Cup will be filmed in 3D they’re keen to tell us all about it. So here’s an Kaka-starring ad that will look shite if you don’t already have a 3D telly. If you do have one, it’ll look great and 3D-ified.

But then you’ve already bought the product so they’re not trying to sell to you. What Sony are saying is pretty much: “Look at this – it’s fucking unwatchable. Spend a few grand and it’ll look alright.”

To which you’ll have already said: “This is fucking unwatchable. I don’t care what the product is. It’s a nice day so I’ll look out of the window instead. Look, there’s a chaffinch.”

Can the World Cup be saved? It could only get worse if North Korea were to sneakily name an extra striker as their third squad goalkeeper…


  • Nobby
    After a few beers it looks normal. Much cheaper solution.
  • Codify
    "The idea behind the advert is that viewers from a standard TV will have to imagine what the advert will look like in 3D." How much coke had the advertising execs snorted before they came up with that one?
  • My m.
    I hate these things. For starters, if what they are showing is 3D then your seeing it on a non 3D tv. So why the fuck do you need to buy a new 3D tv? Surely you just need those shit glasses to make it work. Or are they just lying and showing you a load of blurry shit thats not 3D at all, and is therefore irrelevant. It's like when they show how good HD could look with those shit adverts, but it's being shown on a standard tv. Do they think we're all morons?
  • Klingelton
    how many times. no more vids please - they're blocked from work!
  • Steve
    More vids please - I'm not at work therefore they're not blocked. Less football though. It's shite.
  • foobie
    Also: "This is what your swanky 3d tv will look like *all the time* unless you put on a £150 pair of our special sunglasses"
  • dunfyboy
    Unless you spend a bit extra and get a decent 3d telly, then you can use the £1 specs. At least they're not using Avatar to advertise their 3D TVs with small print at the bottom of the screen saying Avatar is not currently available in 3D on DVD/BR. Samsung I think.

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