Commercial Break: Woman gives birth to a sweet little baby

Do you remember that NSFW Skittles ad from last year that turned out to be unofficial and unauthorised? It was powerful, stimulating stuff and proved that nerds CAN get the girl, even if they then ruin it slightly by ahem, ‘spilling’ fruity candy sweets everywhere.

Anywhere, fast forward nine months, and here comes another unofficial, unsolicited ad. It turns out that the ‘blonde bombshell’ was impregnated by the randy nerd and look, she’s about to give birth. Let’s see what happens…


  • Dick
    I reckon she was privately inserting sweets into her cavity and that the nerd is not the real father.
  • Boris
    This is not at all realistic. With offspring that size she should have opted for a cesarian section; just think the the floppy stretchy fanny after popping that one out.
  • Dick
    Don't you know anything Boris? When skittles babies are born they are just jelly so very flexible. The crunchy coating develops when exposed to air. Where else do you think jelly babies come from? They are bagged as soon as they pop out, so they don't get the hard coating.
  • Boris
    Ah! I see; I am not a medical doctor so did not know. The image of the woman pushing out a huge lump of peanut butter will stay with me all day; I think I'll cancel that date with Pippa Middleton tonight.

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