Commercial Break: Why is an angry viking in a Chilean man's bed?

15 December 2010

Let’s play a game of ‘let’s guess what the hell this is all about?’ shall we? It’s an advert that hails from Chile, land of celebrity miners and the foul memory of the reign of General Pinochet.

What have we got? A man in bed, happily watching the box, probably some kind of dramatisation of the aforementioned trapped miner story, or perhaps some domestic league basketball.

We see that he is joined in the bed by an angry viking who snatches away the remote control. Oooh, bad times... but what’s it all about?

In fact, and the ladies will LOVE this, it’s an advert for... menstruation relief tablets! Yes – the message here is that once a month, your lass will turn into a hideous creature that is not to be messed with lest you take a viking-sized beating. Oh you crazy Chileans!

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