Commercial Break: Who wants to join the bucket pudding club?

15 October 2010

If you still haven't had breakfast, this might spur you on to fill your face - it's a Japanese ad for a pudding. A pudding that you make in a bucket. Obviously.

Now you probably won't be able to just go out and buy one of these but if you get a household bucket, a couple of gallons of milk and a few packets of Angel Delight, you'll be able to have a pretty good bash at it.

Oh, and award yourself extra points if you manage to sit through the whole ad without the song making you want to drive a screwdriver into your eardrum. Still, at least Tim Lovejoy isn't in it...

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  • Matt
    Oh, them crazy japanese folk...
  • zleet
    I now want one but I can't have one. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!
  • mad m.
    OH i LOVE the song! The pudding looks vile though!
  • Paul C.
    This advert has seriously brightened up my day. I'd rather listen to that little girl sing about Giga Pudding than any of those half wits on Simon Cowell's 'Who Wants To Manipulate A Country Of Retards For Millions' programme. It's sort of a massive crème caramel, isn't it?
  • Nobby
    Mmmm Green's Carmelle. But bigger.
  • The B.
    You are all a bunch of sycophantic bitterwallet brown noses. Well to yesterday when this was news.
  • Paul C.
    Oh come on, Borg! Altogether now.... "PUDI, PUDI, PUDI, GIGA PUDDING!"
  • Yoda
    Cute but goes on for a bit doesnt it?
  • kev
    with the size of it you'd swear those kids were in sumo training
  • Nobby
    All adverts should be this long. Then X-factor would be shorter.

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