Commercial Break: What's the long and short of this then?

Yes, it’s time for another round of our occasional game, ‘What Are They Trying To Tell Us In This Foreign Penis Extension Ad?’ This one comes from some kind of Spanish-speaking land, but we’re baffled by all the sciencey stuff that they’re trying to ram into our faces and down our throats. Ahem.

It’s got a very Fast Show ‘Channel 9’ feel about it (‘Scorchio!’) and there’s a very brief bit with a woman who has a LOT of rings around her neck that made us feel slightly queasy, but apart from that, it’s a massive mystery. So it’s down to you lot to fill us in with what it’s all about. THERE ARE NO PRIZES.


  • Mike H.
    I'd allow them girls the other half of my Tuna, Cum sandwich.
  • Mike H.
    What do you mean, they're NOT girls...?
  • Gumper
    Its a leg caliper for your tackle!
  • Suit O.
    Ill fitting genitalia is always the man's fault.
  • Boris
    If only they made a penis shortener to reduce my "Right Honourable Member". Some of the ladys do struggle so.
  • DiscountCrack
    Now worries with us Boris; our discount models come 'pre-stretched' for a comfort fit.
  • Dick
    Take the tops off, free extension plus.
  • speed m.
    My grandad once told me "a woman's vagina is the world's smallest hotel", Why's that grandad ? "Cause you have to leave your bags outside" None of my primary school chums laughed, but my teacher said he'd keep that one for the lunch room or something.
  • Loafer1946
    The CIA will probably use it as an alternative to water boarding

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