Commercial Break: Wallace and Gromit sell their souls to npower

Gnuuuuk. We hate it when our heroes sell their principles down the river, grasping for a pawful of advertising dollars in exchange for the instant evaporation of everything that made them cool, aloof and edgy.

First it was John Lydon and his sodding butter adverts then Iggy Pop plugging the insurance company that actually refuses point blank to insure rock stars. Now, gawd help us, comes the worst of the lot – Wallace and Gromit. And they’re hawking their Plasticine arses for the rotten energy supplier npower.

Here’s the first in what promises to be a long and sustained campaign, that will surely only drain away the tons of goodwill that has built up for the duo over the years. In the ad, npower boast that they only install energy efficient boilers – we should cocking well hope so in this day and age!

Oh, it’s just all… awful.


  • The B.
    Yes and no, before Wallace and Gromit was Creature Comforts who advertised economy 7 if I'm not mistaken, it's a natural progression.
  • bidrick
    Is this the same Npower who did'nt take my final direct debit and then threatened me with the bailiffs? They should have booked Frank "the mad axeman" Mitchell to do their ads.
  • diago
  • Jeezey
    Simple economics. The W&G franchise is reaching the end of its life so its time to milk it for everything he can get out of it. Seems like a sensible move to me.
  • Hugomontenegro
  • P E.

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