Commercial Break: Volvo show off Jean Claude Van Damme's legs

19 November 2013

Volvo have decided to put out an advert starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Of course, vaguely depressing, half-tragic figures from the 80s are making decent money through adverts at the moment, thanks to appalling cod-nostalgia and irony. Kevin Bacon has been on the box looking pristinely haggard, while Mr T likes Snickers.

JCVD has been promoting awful American beers thus far, but now, he's showing off Volvo's Dynamic Steering System with his legs.

Impressively, this stunt is real and a Volvo rep confirmed that the shot was done in just one take.

If you want to peer behind the curtain, Van Damme was protected by safety lines not visible in the final video and small platforms on the trucks' mirrors helped prop his feet up. Other than that, what you see is a man doing the splits on two moving vehicles, for real.

Of course, Volvo could've gone with some cool, young ninja or something, and went for someone who hasn't been cool for over 20 years, making them look a bit duddery. Either way, the end result is pretty badass.

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  • Big M.
    Wow! 'Dynamic' steering eh. Better than, say, stationary steering. At least we know all that Volvo tell us about this stunt is the truth and not just marketing bullshit.
  • salmonmax
    to be fair, I've been told that reversing in a normal truck and steering out would result in a complete FU and tankslapping, crashing and death and stuff. It's difficult to see when it would be useful, but apparently it is, if you're a truck driver. And Mof, JKVD transcends coolness (despite the expendables II)
  • fox f.
    Clearly not performed on any uk council owned roads then! potOle!
  • SiLeNt_AsSaSiN
    And this is why people like Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone will always rule the screen. When it comes to action they are the real badass.
  • The G.
    its performed in Spain since after recession no one can afford to drive on road :)

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