Commercial Break: Virgin on the ridiculous

Virgin Atlantic have gone way over the top with their new ad – depicting air travel as some kind of sexed-up cartoon voyage through the skies instead of the necessary evil of getting to and from somewhere that is much nicer than where we have to live for most of the time.

Look Virgin, it’s dead simple. We want a reasonable amount of comfort and some above-average food and drink. We don’t want to be sat next to a bore, a snorer or a fat bastard. We don’t want to crash. Oh, and we don’t want the thing to smell like one of your fucking trains.

So just drop all the bullshit eh?


  • glee f.
    WTF is dis real???
  • bushbrother
    Its like a poor James Bond wanabee ad. poor.
  • PokeHerPete
  • David L.
    Having flown Virgin last year London-Hong Kong, never again. My experience was bad food which was overcooked and/or inedible, rude air stewards/stewardesses, no space and far too hot.
  • maxtweenie
    Pretentious load of bollocks full of sexual innuendo.
  • Fat F.
    MORE PIES!!!!
  • ShinyDemon
    Perhaps they need to spend less time making flashy adverts, and spend more time looking at customer feedback on - so many unhappy passengers raises serious concerns about booking with them... even if they do make their cabin crew look like Bond Girls !
  • Junkyard
    Why do I never meet women with miniature friends who live in their tits and sell ice cream?
  • Virgin
    hmmm Fap material
  • hippy1001
    I was a virgin once!
  • Marty
    WOW GREAT ADD bitterwalet, don't expect any thing nice from you about any thing. but this add is seducy. loved it BittWalet please write somthing better , you allways hating everything about everthing.
  • Mark C.
    I think that's quite nicely done actually - just a shame they spent all that money on an advert rather than on improving their service.
  • Andrew
    As an ad it works quite well and will keep people thinking that they are a lot better than BA or that American lot. I would.

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