Commercial Break: Touching CAN be good

Remember Skittles’ inventive ‘touch screen’ ads from last year? Yeah, just pretend you do, okay? Anyhoo, they’ve done a few more, each of them inviting you to become part of the action as you extend a digit to your screen and ‘interact’ with a Cyclops doctor, a kissy princess and a zombie tennis player (and some others).

You’ll probably find it impossible not to join in and see what happens. Or that might be just us. We were like a pack of dogs being shown a card trick the first time we tried these out…


  • The J.
    Thanks to the iPad capacitive screen you can use your cock instead without having to stand up. Sadly my cock has been sliced into 666 tiny strands each burning with acid while being stretched with fishhooks.
  • Paul G.
    I love touching me, it's society at large that seems to have a problem with me touching, caressing and generally going near children.

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