Commercial Break: The things you can do with a chubby baby face...

2 February 2011

What would you say the last taboo in TV advertising might be? Gay animal porn? Incest? Nah – we’re pretty sure we’ve seen them both in some campaign or other. Possibly even the same one. Hang on, might not have been an advert now we come to think about it.

The last taboo in advertising surely must be the sight of a baby being catapulted against a window and its face being squished ad squashed as it slides back towards the floor.

Et voila, here you go. Fortunately, the advertisers rightly point out that it is a ‘test baby’, just in case you thought that stunt men, like coppers, are getting younger and younger these days.

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  • Nob
    Where can you buy these test babies? I'll just have to use a real one for now.

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