Commercial Break: The most superb ad from the Superb Owl collection

8 February 2011

America was captivated by the Superb Owl on Sunday, the one night of the year when advertisers take advantage of the interminable hold-ups in what is laughably described as a sporting contest by wheeling out their best efforts as they attempt to get the sofa-bound to think about buying stuff.

There’s lots of salted snacks and fizzy drinks as well. It’s a blast. Anyhoo, as part of our Commercial Break duties, we sat through all 2,316 ads that were premiered on Sunday night, breaking off to watching clips of Barcelona beating Real Madrid 5-0 last month when we felt the need for some compelling sporting action to break the monotony.

After all of that, we decided that this was the best ad from a pretty average Superb Owl crop. It’s for Audi, and depicts an ‘old luxury’ prison that looks like quite an agreeable place to be held captive.

Oh and here’s that Darth Vader VW Passat one in case you haven’t seen it yet. We think it's boring.

Thank you America, you can go back to enraging the rest of the world in other ways now...


  • The B.
    It is boring, if that was my kid he'd have been strung up until he worked out how to pull the car out of a swamp, honestly, what do they teach the padawan at the Skywalker academy nowadays?
  • The B.
    Damn you Robot Chicken! Damn you all to Hell!
  • qwertyuiop
    5 year olds shouldn't be dressing up as Darth Vader - the guy has street cred for crying out loud! This just looks embarrassing. That said - *thinks back to climax of Revenge of the Sith* I wouldn't be surprised if Lucas himself directed this piece of garbage!

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