Commercial Break: The first UK iPad ad

The comedy behemoth Peter Serafinowicz has clearly been busy since yesterday evening, as this freshly-made ad shows...


  • Jack
    Hahaha, awesome. I particularly liked the detail of 100-page edition, no doubt there is a 200-page premium model for $599. And the pencil as an optional extra haha, This iPad seems to make a lot more sense that the new money slate offered by Apple. Oooh, look at me with my 1GHz expensive multi touch slate, oh its so useful and portable.
  • Maude
    I thought that was shite. This is much better:
  • Apple :.
    [...] Commercial Break: The first UK iPad ad | BitterWallet [...]
  • Obi W.
    Sounds a bit too much like Darth Maul for my liking...
  • Jack
    @Maude But yeah, that is so very tiresome by now. There is only so many times you can watch that clip with different subtitles, not matter how funny the writing is.
  • Computer D.
    Haha well done Peter! not the first time he's done Apple ad spoofs (Mactini and iToilet). Oh and great timing seeing as his DVD is out this week - which I watched yesterday! ;-)

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