Commercial Break: The Christmas Eve East European Squirrel Advert Round-Up!

Time again for that tradition that has become as synonymous with Christmas as tangerines, polishing your hovercraft and sending faxes from taxis. Yes, it’s Bitterwallet’s Commercial Break East European Squirrel Advert Round-Up (as you probably guessed from the title)

We’ve got two Christmas crackers for you from behind the (now non-existent Iron Curtain) and first up is a bizarre Ukrainian ad for some kind of nut-based snack featuring a man with SQUIRRELS FOR HANDS! Can you imagine such a life?

After that is a slightly more serious Russian ad that warns the population of that fair land to stop being a big bunch of fucking alcoholics by deploying a chilling squirrel character.

Hope you enjoy them – don’t forget to pop back next Christmas Eve when we’ll have even more wacky East Europen adverts that feature squirrels!

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