Commercial Break: The car ad that acts like a boozed OAP in a mobility scooter

Alfa Romeo have enjoyed decades as a car-maker of some distinction, so you’d expect their marketing campaigns to be infused with plenty of class and gravitas. But this is the wacky world of advertising, where a rank-bad idea can somehow be universally accepted by the decision-makers and before you know it, shame an embarrassment is everywhere and a reputation lies on the floor, burst to bits and twitching.

So, here’s the new Alfa Romeo ad from Belgium – it’s a remote-controlled shopping mall advert that follows the punters around, hassling them and generally getting right on their tits.

Is this the kind of handling we can expect from the latest Alfas? Careering around all over the place like Bambi on ice? Bumping into stuff all hither and thither? Might be worth parking this one and getting a cab back to the drawing board…

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