Commercial Break: The ads that are too shocking for Superbowl fans

3 February 2010

Over in the United States Of USA, it’s almost Superbowl time again, a day when large men wearing tons of safety equipment run around with a brown leather egg while a myriad of statistics are displayed on the viewer's TV screen.

Due to the soporific nature of Americana Egg Game (sorry, but it fucking well isn’t football, okay?) there are plenty of commercial breaks, and the ads that fill those breaks are eagerly-awaited, most of them made specially for the occasion.

Of course, some of the ads don’t get accepted by the broadcasting networks due to their ahem, strong content, and these ‘banned’ ads wind up getting as much, if not more, publicity than they would if they’d just been allowed on the screens as normal.

Here’s two such banned ads that have naturally been leaked by the companies responsible so that citizens can giggle or be outraged, depending on where their moral compasses are at. First up is an advert for, erm being gay, followed by an ad where two golfers get their heads stuck up their own arses. Almost the same, but in truth, very different.

America, fuck yeah!

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