Commercial Break: Tailor Made For Laughs

There’s nothing particularly original about the concept behind this new US Skittles ad but it’s executed brilliantly. It took two viewings before we appreciated it fully and another couple just to revel in it.

Although Revels aren’t as nice as Skittles, and Skittles ain’t much to write home about. Anyway, we digress. Nice ad this – should make you laugh, and what could be wrong with that?


  • Mike H.
    Revels are sooooooo way much better than Skittles Dawson, I love minstrels, but the Mrs hates them, says she gets them every month.
  • The B.
    Ah man Revels are superb, can't do a trip to the cinema without revels, bring back the Deer Hunter Revels ads.

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