Commercial Break: Stop eating animals and you'll become one in the bedroom

Here’s another highly dubious ad from those weirdos at PETA – not content with trying to turn us all into meat-deniers with the use of scantily-clad ladies (which you can see here), they’re not suggesting that turning vegan can make a man into some kind of wild sex machine almost overnight.

The trouble is that the newly-hatched vegan in the ad isn’t just good at the rumpy and the pumpy, he seems to get a bit thumpy as well, using his special lady as some kind of bedroom equivalent of a deranged puppy’s toy. We’re going to have to have some spicy chicken wings while we try and figure it all out…


  • Mike H.
    Womenss, know your limits.
  • Popcorn D.
    This is a bit like having a Lynx ad where a girl is putting on makeup to cover up a black eye and a bloody lip while wistfully looking at her boyfriend's photo, and the tagline says "Lynx... you can get away with anything".
  • Dick
    He probably just went cold turkey and slapped her about a bit.
  • Zleet
    Do vegans swallow?

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