Commercial Break: Step aside Bob The Builder, Mick Humphries has got a better song

If you’re making an advert, all you really need to do is (a) describe what you’re selling; (b) come up with a catchy tune which explains it.

Anything else is just needless flim flam. Witness this, from the Mick Humphries Training Group in Wagga Wagga, Australia. There’s Mick, there’s his song, and the lyrics are filled with the different sorts of vehicles that he’ll teach you to drive.

No mucking about. Now, enjoy the rest of your day as the song rattles around inside your brain…


  • Dick
    Decent choreography too.
  • barry f.
    Now I have an erection!
  • Dick d.
    Australian ad's have long been "simple" akin to jingles on local radio. I bet "wind the bobbin in" & the Big mac, kfc, song so beloved of nursery schools (yup brainwash em to eat filth not fit for the floor) are still played on everyday radio stations by the jolly japester, nurse suicide inducing djs of Oz to this day.

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