Commercial Break: Something much worse than coke in the Afri-Cola?

2 August 2010

We all know what the Germans were up to in 1943, but just look at what they were doing a mere quarter of a century later! From fascist warmongers to makers of astonishing advertising.

Here in Britain, the late 1960s was all about ‘Go to work on an egg’ and the fucking Be-Ro flour men – but in Germany they had this deranged ad for Afri-Cola. It looks like the sort of party that Mof goes to at weekends and is soundtracked by the kind of musik that he plays in BW HQ on the rare occasions that we let him near the stereo.

The underlying message we’re getting from this is ‘Afri-Cola – almost certainly laced with something a bit dangerous. But we’re not telling you what it is.’


  • dacouch
    Nazi Germany invented Fanta...
  • issac h.
    They bombed our chip shop
  • Felacio N.
    Aren't foreigners weird?

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