Commercial Break: Someone's getting a legal shoeing over this one - with extreme prejudice!

13 October 2010

There’s a problem. We’ve got a meeting with our legal eagles later today. It’s to do with the fact that every single person who visits Bitterwallet’s underground HQ is made to sign a legal document that forbids them from ever speaking about what they’ve seen. Which is a fair and standard practice, right?

But then this new Stella Artois advert comes along, and damn us to Hell and back if the whole thing isn’t set in an EXACT REPLICA of our relaxation quarters! Only without being 50 metres under the surface of the earth (this bastard has got real windows instead of posters with views on them!)

We’re not amused and are now having to have the entire BWHQ redecorated at the cost to the taxpayer (don’t ask). That’s because our integrity and impartiality must be maintained and something or other. We’re keeping our precious Stella tap though...

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  • Fuck S.
    Stupid bitch.
  • teamdave
    women...machines...don't mix them.
  • Paul C.
    They always have to know what everything does.
  • Easy U.
    Red Light - On No Light - Off Its not really that difficult. Silly Woman.
  • Mark C.
    So he's basically the French Glenn Quagmire then (and she'll no doubt be waking up with a nasty rash)?

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