Commercial Break: Sniff, sob, it's all too much for us

It looks like that roaringly successful John Lewis ad has made compaines realise that pulling on their customers’ heartstrings like a couple of giants doing a tug o’war is the way forward.

Here’s Vodafone’s latest effort, where a dad takes a call from his distraught daughter at an inopportune moment. Despite her best efforts, her relationship with her boyfriend has come to an abrupt end, and dad drops everything to be with his little girl in her hour of need. Well emotional.

No doubt, if Danny Dyer were here, he’d say something like “Ladies – if your fella asks you if he can do you up the wrong ‘un, it ain’t such a bad thing to say yes once in a while.”

But he isn’t. Thankfully.


  • mark M.
    Unlike the "what's that got to do with John Lewis?" feeling the John Lewis ad left me with, I think that this is a really clever advert. It does tug on the heart-strings but shows how mobiles can bring people together in times of need. I do like adverts with either a bit of thought or totally off the wall
  • mark M.
    Sorry, reading my previous post, it seems like I may have been a bit too serious for Bitterwallet. Can I just say: WTF IS DIS REEL? or whatever the cool kids say
  • Morocco
    Danny Dyer. Pwoppa nawty geeza.
  • wonkey h.
    I bum foxes. I found out today that they're living under next doors garage.
  • Tom P.
    That dad has a special, close relationship with his daughter.
  • Bullet
    Father then gets the sack for walking out on the biggest deal his company was trying to close,He then finds it hard to find work as his previous company blacklist him to all potential emplyers to then become and alcholic shut in and his daughter never returns his calls and never visits through embaresment. Were Vodaphone and we can also fuck up your life too.
  • Larry L.
    @mark M: "shows how mobiles can bring people together in times of need" indeed, but *all* mobiles can do this - in what way is this advert promoting *Vodafone* ? It's a bit like those BT adverts that say (paraphrasing), 'hey, did you know? you can use phones to let people know you're going to be late!!!!'. Well thanks guys, but... what's that got to do with BT specifically?
  • scatton
    Are to assume that this only works with vodafone? I mean i am of the oppinion that you can make phone calls on other networks aswell. Other wise i have been having conversations with imaginary people... mind you .........
  • delrio
    no way he'd be a director if he walked out every time his daughter had a wobbly. interesting idea, but unbelievable so fails

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