Commercial Break: Smutty razor ad is close to the bone

Sex sells apparently. Or at least, that’s what the good folk at King Of Shaves seem to believe, if their new ad is anything to go by.

With more than a little bit of a nod to the wildly-successful Kylie-starring Agent Provocateur viral from about a decade ago, this one features a similarly raunchily-attired lady writhing around in an attempt to flog some razors. You have to feel sorry for the poor man in the advert, strapped into a chair while the scantily-clad tormentress gives him the closest shave of his wretched life.

To be honest, it’s a shameless piece of sexploitation, and we’d be amazed if any of you lot are able to last right till the end of it.


  • PokeHerPete
  • Roger R.
    "You have to feel sorry for the poor man in the advert" Not sure I agree on that one.
  • Jonny S.
    Do you get her when you buy one of their razors?
  • Lumoruk
    She had to shave her chest before she started him? dirty
  • PlainLazy
    How do you guys find this stuff??
  • PokeHerPete
    "Commercial Break: Smutty razor ad is close to the boner" as the blog title would have got more LOL's.
  • zeddy
    Awww no! A fucking ginger!
  • RTB
    shame, he looks far cuter with a bit of stubble.
  • Brian
    I'm going to have a "happy" dream tonight.
  • Shopdis F.
    Any decent man would of pulled out and come on her tits.
  • Steve
    WTF!! Is dis real?

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