Commercial Break: Skoda shows its evil side

Remember that Skoda Fabia ad from a few years ago where they made a car out of cake? Mmmm, cakey car... mmmmm. Delightful wasn’t it? (It's at the bottom of this piece in case you've never seen it.)

Well, that was three years ago and presumably they ate the car once they’d finished it. Perhaps it was laced with evil (or just a load of e-numbers) cos things have changed at Skoda since then, if this new ad for the Fabia vRS is anything to go by.

Oh, and let the pro and anti-Skoda debate commence in the comments box below...


  • Mark M.
    I like adverts that actually have a sense of humour and look as if someone actually gave them some thought. Well done Skoda
  • Fitz666
    Having driven this new Fabia VRS it is an awesome car, still not sure I can get past the badge though....
  • Joff
    I had the old vRS and would have no problems in owning either that or the new again. Great cars made cheaper because of badge snobbery. Still not cheap enough though.
  • Hmm...
    Their entire business model is based on the people who think they're being clever because "I secretly know it's a VW on the inside".
  • Alexis
    Nice ad, but I'd have a Seat any day of the week. Cheaper than, but the same mechanically as Skodas/VWs, but not fugly/dull like the others. Wouldn't mind Skodas if they weren't so revolting to look at.
  • DragonChris
    Love it. \m/
  • Dale W.
    Volvo forever.
  • Angry S.
    the badge snobs can keep their Audis and VWs, I'm a very happy owner of 2 fantastic Skodas, and I actually like the quirky way the look, even the aptly named Superb.
  • Slacker
    I had a Felicia once, what a pile of shite that was. Never again. Ironically one of the old Iron Curtain supposed shitheaps, a Favorit, that I'd owned earlier outlasted it by some five years.

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