Commercial Break: Skittles Go Wacky With A Man Cat

30 March 2011

The will to be noticed above your competitors is a strong one in the world of marketing, which means that you're never far away from an irritatingly wacky campaign. So with that, let us introduce you to the new Skittles ad which asks you to put your finger on the screen, toward a cat's stupid face.

Of course, the surprise here is that a man appears who looks a bit like a cat. Interestingly enough, his tongue appears to be yellowed so he's either been eating cigars or, that's the colour left in your gob after sucking an ad-man's dick all afternoon. Furthermore, he appears to be the world's lamest Thundercat (yes, even lamer than Snarf).

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  • Dee D.
    His tounge is yellow due to all the chemicals they put in skittles. Don't be alarmed though, they are natural chemicals. They get them by clubbing endangered animals to death in africa or something like that. One rhino is enough colouring for 720 red skittles.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] we brought you an interesting new interactive ad for Skittles, which encourages you to put your finger on the screen and have it licked by a human/cat hybrid [...]

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